Me and you :)


just ok2 la~

so today i presented my parts in my-bole-tahan-suke subject, Malaysian Studies..nothing much to say..then my clasmates and i decided to go to the entrepeneurship market, again..hoho..i left my wallet, purposely, bcuz im restricting myself from buying anything today! *owh the grill house..please, take me away*

..aishah and me..

huney's on his way to penang..miss him already! hope he can make it to the PGL this saturday..i'll stay here, doing my assgments..aiyoh..3 assgments to go! go mas go! ok2..get back to work! *im still thinking about the cool background stuffs..eeeemmmmppphhhh..ok, lets settle things and then yes, layouts!*


g PGL eh?my fren ade yg involve dlm show tu.die antara 7 rombongan meminang PGL tuh.pondan tau kunun cam jantan sket dlm musikal tu.try la crk nnt.
aku x g PGL lg tp dh dpt car sticker die.heheh


wahaha..bule pulak kunun2 jantan..hehehehe..bek jadi jantan betul je..kan berpekdah tu..

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