Me and you :)


I and ME..let me share some!

I and ME..ada beza x agak2?? from my sebey, ramai yg ckp same..

senanyer dis time i wanna share some of my studies in theories of communication..
ader je kt tenet tuh, tp malas nk kopipes (copy paste)..
i explain ape yg i paham jer la ye..
but if u guys wanna check on my explanations, please do so =)

I and ME, by G.H Mead theory, ekceli represents two diff subjects..

I ~ is an issue representing desires. more like things u want to do, excluding other perseptions, rules or ideas. generated by senses, thought, willingness, self-expression, ambitions, etc. also called as creative thinking. no boundaries. freewill.

ME ~ conscious state of mind. other perceptions or ideas are important. will always think about what I can do which is acceptable by surrounding and rules. according to the theory, ME is like an editor. it edits I and will form rational desicions but still, I will not be fully controlled by ME. y? there will be no dynamics. all good. no creativity and colors in life. so ME will edit I, but I will definately keep on arguing.

sapa menang? depends..

ex :

I : I will drop this subject.
ME : no you cant! it's too late for you to do so. what a waste. u've paid, u attended lectures. u will have to repeat this subject later on. dont do! dont do! *ME emo*
I : haiya, dont worry too much lo. if i continue taking this subject, im afraid i might fail and this affects my GPA. im not a gud student. let me repeat this subject. its ok to pay more, but i am not going to risk my GPA this time. ok? for the next time around i will pay more attention in class.
ME : are u sure? final exam is in 3 weeks time. u can go to see ur lecturer and study hard. dont waste your time. i bet u can pass the paper if u start studying now.
I : i dont think so, there are 14 chapters to cover and i am taking another 4 subjects as well. i think im still gonna drop this subject. dont worry too much ok?
ME : ok lo, but promise, not to do dis again next time!

thats how ME editted I but not controlling I. ekceli this happens to all of us whenever we have to make desicions. its like two voices in our mind.

i obses ngn subjek nih..seronot! last subjek yg i obses adelah BM, pendidikan seni n mod maths mase kt sekolah..then yg ni la..theories of comm..mmg kite akan ckp mende nih cam remeh..I and ME kan dalam org yg same gak..buatpe nk blaja? tp tulah, dah theorists ckp camtu, mmg keje diorg kaji mende detail2, blaja jew laaaaa~


Menarik... ini yang dinamakan sebagai intrapersonal - komunikasi dalaman diri kita yang sentiasa berlaku tanpa kita sedari... keduanya saling berbicara untuk mengawal tingkah laku dan pemikiran kita... komponen yang paling penting dalam soft skills... tanpa intrapersonal yang baik, kita dianggap 'gagal' berkomunikasi dengan orang lain (yang ni baru interpersonal pulak)... so, intrapersonal comes first!

Aduss.. lecture session thru blog la pulak! sorry... hahahahaa


owh..itu ka bezanya..
mmg saya x phm pape perbezaannya until la anda menerangkan secara ringkas.
so, bile i blh bawa me blk mesia nih?
hua..nk blk la..homesick!


wah angah! mentang2 cuti setadi, berlecture kt sini mmg betol pon angah, dia kire intrapersonal..byk agik theori senanye..heheh..kalaw rajin mas share lagik =)

ct : argue la lebey sket ngn I tu.. *mood jahat*


Very very interesting....

Wonder if i will learn this in my communications for managers paper....

Fenin bacer...


menarik subjek nih taw! nnt ada subjek human comm..lagik detail..
by the way, gewd luck n selamat kembali belaja ye syg!

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