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last saturday..i went to see my bestfriend..a friend that would stand n sit along with me..apom is the name i called..seing her was such a big releaved..n we talked so much about things that r messed up lately..we have so much similarity in terms of behavior, d way we talk n on the last saturday,we finally noticed that we have somthing important in common..that is d sadness dat we possesed..i agreed with her that 2 find someone that may lend their shoulder 4 us 2 cry is too hard..friends are everywhere..but 2 find one who knows our favourite cartoon,of our routine..our daily fav drinks and so on r almost impossible..soo,if u have a friend..juz do some research..if they r someone who knows you quite deeply n always b wif u within all your upside down life,that's ur true friend..enuf for that..

hmm,i also went to sogo..there were a grand crazy sales..branded thing were sold at the most affordable price! gosh..spending few hours there will surely feels like just a minute..there r so much 2 look at..luckily,i'm not a 'spending-money' type..4 me,window shopping is a wonderful activity..i love 2 compare all d price b4 purchasing is more worthy,i guess..n 2 be true,i spent hours just to look at all the brand that they were displaying..hehe..but im happy that my money is still safe in my pocket..sometyms, desires must be controlled..otherwise,it will be our habit that is spending money 4 sooooo many unnecessary things..i guess i'll stop ere..

p/s:rase macam nk g sogo lagi..huhu..


iDup SuKe SuKi

suke suki..2 pkataan yg bole dr aspek bhsa,dikire sbg 1 pkataan je sbb dier membawa hnya 1 mksud..ia jugak bole memudaratkan..baru la skarang terase ader buruknyer dok kt luar kampus neh..huhu..kerana ketiadaan @ kekurangan shbt, me dikatekan suke suki..sdgkn sesiape je yg ader kt tpt me pasti akan mengalami nasib yg same..pening x? hehe..mmg me saje nk bg korg pening..dats my job maa..kerana dok di luar kampus jgk la,me dikatekan suke suki..xper2,suke suki diorg la kn?kn?jnji,me x bwt pe yg diorg bwt..klu ader kuiz ke,hape ttp igtkn kwn2 yg ptut xnk jd org yg luperkn kwn..mcm kwn yg luperkn me..ish,penat sgguh biler me pk..biler 1-2kali je dah byk kali kn..heran jugak..kt mane ek nk cr shbt yg btol2 besth?? kwn ramai la..ct pulak juh kt medan..klu dier ader,kn sng idup me..dier da jd half of me..dier msti fhm ni xder la jht sgt..xnk lggr peraturan tu la..ats aper yg tjadi dan bkn slh me,smpi skng me msih dikatekan suka suki..hp me on jer manjang..jd,plukah me tggl kt campus n tggu eveything n every info smpi kt me?or plukah me pegi every department n mntk schedule for sume program wajib? kalu me xhadir dlm sesuatu program,ade x org akn perasan? me mmg baek jer ngn sume org..saper mntak tolong,me tolong..sbb me lua kampus,me belikn brg,tlg poskn berbaloi ke ats aper yg me dpt? 5marks 4 final bkn sket..xpyh pon bsusah pyh utk itu..hnye 5sen jer 4 1 msg..ish,pening..pening.. :p


bit by bit..

to all..u may now visit my blog at coz in friendster cam xley publish sumer la..but still,im sharing my feelings n thoughts..n 4 those who read,an applause from my hart dat i can affordly give 4 ur concern..thnks dude..

its already 8th of jan..which is not too late 4 me 2 wish a hepy n prosperous new year..d year 2006 had beautifully swept away by tym..n it discovered so many things n dusty pages in our life..wther it is good or bad,such things had became a memory dat can be kept right in our hart..

the black printed pages..
im always wondering,how d year will b ended..will i b happy..will i achieve n get d things dat i hunt..thinking like those days r so long n will not reach d finishing..d last 2006..i've learn so much! n life is quite tough..i've experienced great sense of failure..disappoint people..being so naive..sumtyms may b too serious..was in a great tense..n tears accompany me quite frequently which is not d thing dat i used 2 do..

a rainbow coloured pages..
things were made 4 its own reason..despite d black printed pages,there r color pages dat stood up 2 highlight d happiness dat i cant buy anywhere..i found my love dat is so precious..being independent in various situation..more likely 2 noe myself beter..learnt so much about friendship..n my family..i felt very close 2 them,even physically im far..believe me,family is like a mater it is big or small,d value of it is d fact dat only God noes how much we need it..

a new brand diary..
a diary symbolizes proud 2 b myself in my own way..after all,it is so sad 2 leave d year 2006..but im so sure,there r so many things waiting ahead..started my new year with a little tense does not mean it promises me bad luck but im sure it wants me 2 learn more..i promise 2 b a better person..2 be honest..strongger..n hunt d achievements dat i left behind..

i wish myself a very good luck!! n not forgotten..2 all my fwens,im praying 4 u dat u r in a gud luck too..4 my honey,thnx 4 ur support..nnt dtg umah lg ek..:p

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