Me and you :)


by dearie farihan =)

The rules:

Link to your tagger and post these rules.
List 8 random facts about yourself and tag other people.

1. im lazy.
2. play piano.
3. love kites.
4. cant live wtout cat.
5. sensitive skin.
6. love seafood.
7. ske jalan2..lama2..byk2 malls.
8. manja.


.First name : Mastura.
.Name you wish you had : masturina..hahaha.
.What do people normally call your name : mas.mastot.angah.manje.
.Birthday : 12/02/87 ----> ESOK!!.
.Birthhplace : kajang.
.Time of birth : noon.
.Single or taken : taken.
.Zodiaz sign : Aquarius.

My Appearance

.How tall are you : 161cm.
.Wish you were taller : nnt lagi tggi dr mucux..heheh.
.Eye color : blacky.
.Current hair color : black.
.Short or long hair : chest level.
.Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : kene lempang lak kang.nope.
.Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : rebonding isnt that dramatic.
.Glasses or contacts : glass.utk silau shj.
.Paint your nail : never.
.Shy or outgoing : little bit of both.
.Sexy or cute : cute la kot..sbb x sexy..hehe.
.Serious or fun : fun.
.A turn on : my secret.
.A turn off : goatie.

This or That

.Flowers or chocolates : flawa.
.Rap or rock : slow rock.
.Relationship or one night stand : relationship.
.School or work : school.
.Love or money : i need both.
.Movie or music : music.
.Country or city : not too city and not too country.
.Sunny or rainy days : sunny.
.Friends or family : family comes first.
.Have u ever lied : who doesnt?.
.Stole something : his heart. will never return.
.Smoked : not at all. rubbish.
.Hurt someone close to you : did.
.Broke someone's heart : did.
.Wonder what was wrong with you : everyday.
.Wish you were prince or princess : once.
.Like someone who was taken : nope.
.Shaved you head : no need.
.Used chopstick : is in my blood.yap.
.Sang in the mirror to yourself : everyday =).


.Flower : roses. white roses.
.Candy : enak dipicit.
.Song : x larat list.
.Color : sexy purple.
.Movie : latest, pensil.
.Singer : anybody with gewd voice.
.Junk food : pringles.
.Website : my fs, fb, tagged, ms.
.Location : on earth, with my huney.
.Animal : cats.
.Ever cried over someone : yesza.
.Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : my secret.
.Do you think you're attractive : in my own way babe.
.If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : hanzel and gretel. i want the candyhouse!.
.Do you play any sports : a lot! in my dreams..heheh.


2.bob blog bervirus.

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