Me and you :)


before i miss anything..

my parents will be leaving for athens by tomorrow..maybe, my hun will join us and say gudbye 2 my parents too..but looking at the current casses of h1n1, ayah said they might be going 2 d airport by cab..ok ayah, anythng as long as no one will be quarantined because of d dsease..heeee..mintak simpang..and i will miss both of u very much! dont feel weird, i started to feel this kind of feeling since i became an offcampus student..long ago when i was in boarding school, i dont think im dat sensitive of being far away from my parents..people change rite =)

i have to be an instant parent for 10 days..doing whatever chores dat have been done by my parents..i did once, when they went to madrid but i wasnt that bz back sis was going 2 school by bus but now, i have to send her to school everyday..fetch her from her tuition classes..her taekwondo practices..feeding the rabbits and laundries..oh, watering the plants..buying stuffs for the kitchen..seeing d doc with my grandma..for my studies, i'll be attending the lectures as usual..doing i have a meeting with ansara members and one big event is coming up this saturday..see? i have to fit in these chores in my routine..

i noe that huney will understand d nite-datings..if i am about to go out at nite, i'll have to bring my sis along with me..ermmm, except for the ansara'll be too late for her..and my grandma..i cant leave her alone at house for long's too dangerous nowadays..but the best part issssssss, i'll find a day where me, my sis and ct will be going out to kl and have fun! well, money is not the problem..ayah will provide us more than what we need! heheheh..oh ye, and 5 hours to fix my hair! rebonding lagik..hehehehe

ok, before i lost my sanity..i shud plan my in the chores with my free time and will try my best not to mess around with my studies!

Love, m.a.n.j.a.m.a.s.
~The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.~

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