Me and you :)


tibe2 kan..

suddenly, i miss my, kery, amir n tepet..
not personally miss them la (marah ney kang!!)..
i miss the moment when we waited for everybody to come, kemas2 the studio n start practicing the songs..i love it when we played selimut hati..n tapi bukan aku..walla!!

at 1st i disagreed with the band concept, as the officer asked me (forced 2 be exact) to join d uniten official band..i had to leave the choir team, which also, my passion (im their pianist)..and of course, i wont be able to perform as a single pianist for the convocation..the officer said that i have to pay full attention to the band as we will be playing looooooooooooootsa songs, including traditional songs..which are not my all!! i cried that day, because i was so angry..but still, my passion towards music and piano made me stay..i finally joined the band..letting the chinese guy playing the piano, as a single performer and also for the choir team..last time i had to run all over the hall to perform with the band, single performance, and with the choir team..but this time, i'll be watching him playing..i dont wanna join the band, but i wanna play piano (i shouted that everyday! that time..)

after several practices, i started to love the band..not because of the songs, only..but because the bandmates are funny and friendly..we practiced a lot! 20+ songs, we chose not to play songs that were picked by the officer..all siti's traditional songs..bla..bla..until the convocation day, we were still laughing together..and i think, i miss the moment..

today, as i were playing the piano, i played some of our songs..remembering the moments with the band, which i have no idea when will i perform again, with them..

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