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The 10 things game! day one.

Oh my I'm bored! so let's play this game. eh i copied this from my friend's blog. Lupe lak her link. dat day i randomly hopped to her blog jek. huhu. Ok, this is not a gamelah. ini pengisi masa lapang nama dia. hehe

day one: ten things about you
day two: ten things you love
day three: ten things you hate
day four: ten things you want to say to one person
day five: ten wishes
day six: ten items you can’t live without
day seven: ten important people
day eight: ten of your favourite songs
day nine: ten ways to win your heart
day ten: ten final words

day 1 : ten things about you (i mean me)

1. im fat. haha
2. manja. melampau.
3. aku mencik lelaki gatal
4. aku suka makan nasik *obviously linked to #1*
5. pencinta kucing
6. a pianist
7. a bride to be
8. anak ayah
9. i love arts
10. will start working by july. yay! alhamdulillah..

itu saje for today. insyAllah yg lain akan disambung kalau aku rajin. KALAU. kehkehkeh. oklah, better sleep now.

~The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.~

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