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Online registration

Hello friends! This is just a reminder in case you accidentally skipped a step in the online registration system. If your name does not appear in the lecturer's name list, it means that you didn't register correctly. Better check ya, you have until this Friday to register (if I'm not mistaken). So check this out. I've skipped a step as well..blurghhh..thats why my name was not in the name list!

Click on it (picture) for clearer view

This is the screenshot after you logged yourself in the online course registration (student portal). This is the part I skipped! Don't forget to click at the SLOT button. Do it or you are not registered for the subjects. *scary*

This will appear after you clicked the SLOT button. Please click register at the left side of the table. You have to do it for each subject. and yes, you're done!

To check that you've successfully registered, click on the COURSES tab, and click PRINT TIMETABLE. The registered slot will appear on your timetable.

Simple. Hope that you can do it before the last date of course registration. Have a nice day :)

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