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yes, bob..

bagi melempiaskan nafsu bob terhadap astena dan makanan, there goes the BBQ astena sesi 2008/2009..ader lagi 1 program bob yg belum terlaksana, insyaAllah, dalam masa terdekat ni..
the event was superb..not to say by the way the plan goes, but the way we laugh together, eat and do things together..we are like family, a big one..and a family shuld be together, no matter how hard things culd be..there might be flaws, where each of us carries the same responsibility to settle things..

we started working a day before BBQ, by filling up the empty lists, buying things and get our hands working together..we had so much fun! as for me and my huney, we were there too, helping as much as we could..thnx hun for coming..and you know, when im with you, i dont mind doing all the chores like forever =) huney helped cleaning up the lamb, using flour and washed them over and over again..i was just standing beside him (me tataw sgt bab kambing2 nih..hehe)..admiring him for his talent..hehehehe (alisya and nazir too..hikhik)

we went off after marinating the beef, lamb and i was starving (x makan pape since pagi taw!), we had had our dinner at d'limau nipis...

big event, we arrived after maghrib at the location, seeing ammzar and os trying to set the fire..then faris joined us..haih, punyer la ssh nk menyala! me lak tataw pape bab arang2 nih..sume2 me serah kt huney..thnx for your help lalink! huney, fariz n ammzar besusah payah idupkan api..which successfully done an hour later (pian and alin menghulurkan bantuan)..they started to bakar2 the fewd..while me and huney rehat2 pulak..kami ambil tempat dekat ewoq and awek glad that huney was able to fit in with my my partner, my friends are his friends too..kan? kan?

later that nite, a surprise bday party for nazir (ketua tarian)..seronok lihat beliau bersalut tepung! hunney was busy taking pics..ala2 official photographer gittew! he took lotsa pics! unfortunately he had to leave early, due to his working day tomorrow..p library, amek my car, and we drove apart..i went back to the crowd, while he drove back to setapak (everytime nk berpisah musti sedey! wuwuw)..he handed me his cam, and during kemas2 event, i snapped few more pics..heheh..biasela, kalau dpt cam mmg hilang kawalan sket! to bob, bbq terakhir bersamanya, i adore him sebagai presiden dan sahabat..thanx sbb wujudkan this event..

i went home after finishing the kemas2 event, bringing back a watermallon..and i was truly happy, sbb event ni berjalan dgn sempurna walaupun ader kekurangannyew..and lagi sempurna when i have my huney beside me..perfect!!

p/s: huney cooked me his carbonara speghetti fer lunch..owh2 sodap!!


Hunney...I had a really great time hanging out with your frens...lama tak berbarbeque macam tu...the past year dok asyik bbq kat hotel jer ....nnti upload the pics ok..u've got my cam..


thnx 4 joining dear! love u to the max!

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