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something..just something..

last nite, i watched a movie..x igt lak tajuk nyer..but it's all about a ventriloquist who kills whoever she needs tp make a perfect puppet..seraaaaammmmm..i watched alone, and i can feel my hands getting cold..mastura dah menjadi penakut kah???

teringat pulak zaman2 terendak, and KMJ..staying up till morning..not afraid of going to d toilet alone..and i even climbed the stairs (tangga yg senyap sunyi dan menakutkan) with the lights mcm x brape nk brani la pulak..adeh! skang ni lagi la dasat..malam2, if tgk cermin lelame pun dah jadik takut..haih..weird!! maybe, lately ni asek dpt nitemare..even tido sekejap2 pun dah boleh mimpi dasat2..penat..

after sahur, i turned on the tv..this time ader citer sublime..the story looks simple, with light conspirational elements.. tapiiii..tetap seram! sbb mengenangkan seksaan yg lelaki tu terpaksa first he's been scheduled to undergo colonoscopy..but suddenly, the doc salah fail..tak pasal2 dia kene undergo unnecessary surgery..which cause him suffer things he shudnt..legs amputated..haih..kesian!
then dia bongkar byk benda about the hospital..smpai last, he ended his life, jumping out off the building..tah naper la, seram bygkan if im in his situation..tgk how his wife cheated on him, they sell his belongings..seeing a wardmate being murdered..huhu..then, cam biase la, me gtido balik..nitemare lagik!!

lepas ni nk bace doa tido 20x la..uuuuu


dah tua2 ni mmg elak le citer2 yg menakutkan diri sendiri. Huhu...

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