Me and you :)


Mr. A is now on semi solid food!

My dear Ami is now ready to have his semi solid food. Mummy is so proud! Thehehe.

Few weeks before we started, I was going crazy over those homemade food support groups, websites etc. This is something fun but safety comes first! I need to study which food is consumable by mr. A according to his phase. No sugar no salt no egg etc. The list goes on..

For a start, I made him a delicous pear puree. Stim the pear, puree and filter. Sedapppp! Insy sy akan ikut 4 days rule, nak tgk dia poopoo cane, ade alergi ke tak and berapa cpt dia hadam..knowing my A yang kuat minum tu, sejam je bertahan after food. lepas tu da mintak susu. Hehe

Now he is finishing his first 4 days rule. Tomorrow boleh makan apple! Nyummy..

Be gud my little A. Mummy syg Ami sgt2!

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