Me and you :)


And life goes on..


Baiklah. It seems that more than a year i keep this blog unattended.

Life is good, Alhamdulillah. Went through major challenges in life and i managed to pull myself together and life goes on..and on..

Surprisingly i am still working at the same company and im entering my 3rd year at Scope. Hence the responsibility grows bigger and i shud admit, im struggling to deliver my very best.

Whats more interesting this back to school! Doing masters while working and taking care of the family is not easy at all!! Thanks husband for being so supportive. I know he misses my cookings but he's such a good sport..cooks his own meals day n night while im not around..

Family is great. Ami is 1 year and 10 months now and i am looking forward to throw him a simple birthday party as we missed the 1st one. We did party packs last year but did not hold any celebration at our place. Sorry for that baby.

Tapikan..bila sibuk memanjang ni..rindu nk lepak dgn kwn2..rindu nk makan tido makan tido..hahaha (ni mmg hobi)..tapi takpelah..biar bersusah sekarang. Bersenang2 kemudian kan..

Oklah. Nak off to bed dulu. Nanti update lagi yeah. Hopefully tahun ni jugalah. Kihkih.


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