Me and you :)


changes (n_n)

harini, on laptop..
view my blog..
klik dekat posting yg lama2..

mastura abd rahim..

i have a simple means 'terpelihara'..
but it doesnt really means a perfect, simple and terpelihara life..
it's not easy to be me, not like how easy people pronounce my name..

but im happy though..
changes taught me that i should live my life to the fullest..

siapa yg x pernah dikecawakan dan mengecewakan??
as i were browsing my older entries..
i think, i should say sorry to whoever i did hurt, by words or by acts..
i was just printing my thoughts here, and being so naive about life..still..

love comes and it goes by anyhow it will be..
i love, and at times i let go my love..
or i love, but it gone just like that..
so where do i stand? the sentence scares me all the time..

but hey, i love changes..
i have new love..
naive still, but am able to make wiser decisions..

i think, life isnt that empty if we appreciate every moment of it..
i shud be happy when im sad, because i will learn something from it..or at least, to be strong..

i love the way i am now..just like i love my name~


(sebut cm waris~)

u love your name?




kenapa kene sebut mcm citer hantu tu..huhuhuhu

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